Good afternoon and happy Friday!  As we enter an exciting week with the 100th day of School, Valentine's Day, an 11:30 release on Friday, and a long Mid-Winter Weekend, I wanted to send some friendly reminders to help us function more smoothly at school.  

Please make sure you are checking your child's RED Folder.  Absent work, correspondence, newsletters,  important documents, and pertinent reminders are all sent in them. 

Please know that Valentine's Day is not celebrated as a romantic holiday at Peck Elementary.  Any treats, gifts, candy, or cards brought in should be for the entire class as we celebrate friendship and inclusion on this day. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Please remember that toys that look like weapons, objects that are being used as weapons, and threats against other students are ZERO tolerance issues and will be dealt with per the handbook. Other ZERO tolerance items include but are not limited to: intentionally harming staff/students, spitting on or at others, and threats of any kind.  

Electronics are becoming an issue and are not permitted at Peck Elementary.  The handbook states: "Students are not permitted to have cell phones, tablets, gaming devices, or any other item deemed “electronic” in their lockers or classrooms.  If necessary for after school, devices may be turned into the elementary office for safekeeping and picked up at the end of the school day. If found, devices will be confiscated and may be picked up by a parent or guardian." There have been reports of filming and taking photos of others on the bus, texting parents from school, and most recently, an alarm in the hallway locker was interrupting the  school building.  Please help us in this endeavor at home.

The handbook link is here. An additional copy was sent home with your student if you had not signed for it's acknowledgement at the start of the year.

As always we appreciate your support! Please contact me if you have any questions.


Mrs. Kerr, Elementary Principal